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Welcome to our new Songwriters Music Festival website. We have tried to consolidate all of our information and present it all in a more direct format. Rest assured that the content will grow substantially soon as we continue to collect new details, photos and video information. Please feel free to forward us your comments or provide us with more information or photos. We would love to hear from you.
Songwriters Music Festival (SMF) led by Ron Beer, strives to promote, at the grassroots level, the development of a cultural network which helps amateur and semi-pro songwriters to stimulate the growth and maturity of their craft. SMF brings to your local community workshops on song writing and follows up with small local concerts in which the local artists can present their music in conjunction with SMF musicians.  


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As the SMF road show moves from community to community, selected performers from one venue become guest performers in other community concerts, thus further supporting cross tourism and developing a grassroots circuit and artist support network. This allows local area talent more development opportunities in their home community while expanding out into other communities, thus developing the cultural network.

Music Canada recently published a document entitled “Accelerating Toronto’s Music Industry Growth, Leveraging Best Practices from Austin, Texas”, a vision supported by SMF with a broader geographical scope.


The document states “The purpose of the study is to review what the Toronto-based private industry and the City of Toronto are doing to sustain Toronto’s commercial music industry and to recommend ideas for…increasing the profile of the commercial music industry in Toronto…”.

Read the full study document using this link --> Accelerating Music Industry Growth

The first coordinated event took place at the Whitby Courthouse Theatre in Whitby Ontario in January 2012 that featured local artists and some special guests from Sarnia and the Halifax. Exemplory songwriters were recognized for their achievements in the form of awards, including Song of the Year, Song-writer of the year, Performer of the Year, Best New Song-writer, awards which will continue through the upcoming years.

Moving forward, the SMF roadshow and workshops will nurture amateur songwriters and expand the artists peer groups, bringing even more singer-songwriter performers and musical variety to upcoming shows and communities throughout southern central Ontario.

SMF, to accompany its song-writing events, also holds performances by members in Sonwriters in the Library, Songwriters in the Park, and Songwriters in the Hospital where SMF members bring their all-original songs to a variety of venues.

Latest News

Songwriters Music Festival will  now be hosted at a new location, Fionn MacCool's Restaurant/Pub at 36 Kingston Road East in Ajax, near Atwood and Kingston Road. Sessions will be held on the 3rd Sunday of each month from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM starting on Sunday September 15. The first part of the session will focus on a song writing lesson, and the remaining time will be an open mic where SMF attendees can play their songs.

Come out and share your songs with others, or just come out to listen to Durham local talent perform their material.

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Again this year, Canada Day in Oshawa ...Lakeview Park - July 2013

Many of the core SMF performers will be out again this year along with several more talented singer/songwriters all performing their original material.  The event at Oshawa's Lakefront Park is an all day celebration of Canada Day that includes a variety of musical entertainment and events, of course all ending with a huge fireworks display. There is some seating available, but you can always bring a portable chair...

Map to Oshawa`s Lakeview Park
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Annual Concert in Clarington ...Garnet B. Richard Complex - April 14, 2013 1:00 - 3:00 PM

The annual concert to celebrate 2012 is coming on Sunday April 14,2013 from 1:00 to 3:00 PM at the Garnet B. Rickard Recreation Complex. The centre is located at 2440 Regional Highway 2, Bowmanville, ON L1C 3K7. Come out to the show and see performances from Kim (pictured here) as she receives her recognition awards, Roger Beckett, plus several other song writer / performers. Use the link to Goggle Maps for location. Tickets are $10.00 at the door...

Map to Garnet B Richard Complex
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Canada Day in Oshawa ...Lakeview Park -- July 2012

Songwriters were on hand to perform their original material at the Oshawa Lakefront Park to participate at the huge Canada Day celebrations attended by thousands of residents in the Durham area, to enjoy the music, the entertainment, the food, the fireworks, and the overall celebration...

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2012 Concert at the Whitby Courthouse Theatre ...January, 2012 

The January 2012 Song Writers Music Festival held at the Whitby Theatre was a great success. Several awards were handed out to performers and a mixed media art picture was...

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