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Again this year, Canada Day in Oshawa ...Lakeview Park - July 2013

Many of the core SMF performers will be out again this year along with several more talented singer/songwriters all performing their original material.  The event at Oshawa's Lakefront Park is an all day celebration of Canada Day that includes a variety of musical entertainment and events, of course all ending with a huge fireworks display. There is some seating available, but you can always bring a portable chair or blanket for your comfort.

The SMF performers will be located beside the Henry House historical building...see the park map below.

Annual Concert in Clarington ...Garnet B. Richard Complex - April 14, 2013 1:00 - 3:00 PM

The annual concert to celebrate 2012 was presented on Sunday April 14, 2013 from 1:00 to 3:00 PM at the Garnet B. Rickard Recreation Complex. The centre is located at 2440 Regional Highway 2, Bowmanville, ON L1C 3K7. Early auditions to perform brought out some great new talent.

Performing artists included Alan Hatton, Roger Beckett, Jackson Begley, Floyd Belle, Paul Tones, Kimberly Clarke, Peter Boyer, Matt Gerber, B.J. Laub, Tory Tailon, Richard MacMillan, and of course Ron Beer. We also had a video performance by Ivan Boudreau from British Columbia.

This year rather than produce a CD this year, we created a compilation USB stick, that allowed us to include pictures, bios, and web links as available for the artists. Drives were available for sale at $10.00 each. Songs and the performers on the USB flash drive include:

Map to Garnet B Richard Complex
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Canada Day in Oshawa ...Lakeview Park - July 2012

Songwriters were on hand to perform their original material at the Oshawa Lakefront Park to participate at the huge Canada Day celebrations attended by thousands of residents in the Durham area, to enjoy the music, the entertainment, the food, the fireworks, and the overall celebration of our national holiday.

Ron and his accompanist pals Alan Hatton and Richard MacMillan opened uap the program performing some of Ron's tunes from his previous CDs and songs for the upcoming recording. The show then went round-robin so that each of the singer songwriters performed 2 of their tunes, and then the cycle was repeated, with Ron and his friends closing the show.

The thirty or so seats were filled and the grass was full of enchanted listeners. Most of the crowd were walking through the entire park area that was flooded with many other venues of entertainment and dozens of booths for food, snacks, art, and assorted other vendor products.

The full day event finally climaxed after dark with an incredible fireworks display.

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2012 Concert at the Whitby Courthouse Theatre ...January, 2012 

The January 2012 Song Writers Music Festival held at the Whitby Theatre was a great success. Several awards were handed out to performers and a mixed media art picture was completed during the concert and later auctioned.

Some of the highlights of this concert were the participation and performances of visitors form the RWGs from Sarnia and Halifax. The concert filled the 3 hour program with great music performed by Ron Beer, Kimberly Clarke, Jake Vanhaverbeke, GT Harris, BJ Laub, Ed Babut, Roger Beckett, Shannon Bowdring, Paul Schofield, Janice Brown, Eric Kristensen, and more.

Our RWG guests hailing from Halifax, the group What's in the Water, comprised of singer/songwriters Mel Farrimond, Joanna Butler and Melanie Donnelly, have had an eventful year. Besides their solo projects and events they’ve been performing together as a trio also known as ‘What’s In the Water’. Since they appeared on stage at the ‘Songwriter’s Music Festival’ in Whitby in January this year they’ve taken their carefully crafted harmonies to house concerts, special events and festivals including the largest in the world ‘The Edinburgh Festival Fringe’ in Scotland. They also captured their lovely blend of voices on a live recording off the floor of Codapop Studios in Halifax.