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Ron works with many different associates and partner musicians, songwriters, arrangers, and producers on his many projects. Some of these include Paul Schoffield, BJ Laub, various piano players, bass players, guitar players, and many others.


His current primary associate that dedicates significant effort with Ron on many of his musical projects is:


Richard MacMillan


Richard has always loved music. He started out early with trumpet when he was 8 years old and later picked up the alto horn and subsequently guitar, primarily self-taught, but also received tutelage from various teachers. Richard dedicated 20 years in the 70’s and 80’s across a broad spectrum of musical styles as a professional performance musician, guitar player, trumpet player, and arranger.


Richard acted/led in a performance, arranging, or engineering capacity with bands that included Mythias,Chameleon, Fame, Ladies Finest, Rose, Terry Scheel Show, Lady, Murphy’s Law, High Noon, and Liz Lauzanne.

Richard put his music on the back burner when family became his priority, and after 25 years in the IT management industry, Richard has recently retired and now dedicates his time to his first time passion of music. Richard acts as an accompanist to Ron sharing his talents on guitar, with back-up vocals, music scoring and notation, and in the review of musical material.


Richard has been working with Ron since April 2012 and has also received his police Vulnerable Sector Screening check and recent CPR training.